Premio Eugenio Espejo (Eugenio Espejo Award)

The Premio Eugenio Espejo [Eugenio Espejo Award] is Ecuador’s national prize and the highest honor bestowed on its citizens. The prize was established by Decrees 667 and 699 (in August of 1975 and September of 1997, respectfully) and is awarded by Ecuador’s president every other year. The National Council of Culture selects finalists for the award, which are divided into five categories.

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The Aurelio Espinosa Pólit National Literature Award

The Aurelio Espinosa Pólit National Literature Award (Premio Nacional de Literatura Aurelio Espinosa Pólit), established by the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE) in 1975, is a prestigious honor that celebrates the literary achievements of Ecuadorian writers. Named after the renowned writer Aurelio Espinosa Pólit (1894-1961), this award holds great significance within the country’s literary landscape. It recognizes outstanding Ecuadorian writers in the categories of poetry, nonfiction, short story, novel, and theater, making it one of the most significant literary prizes in the country, along with the Eugenio Espejo Prize.

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The Joaquín Gallegos Lara National Fiction Prize

The Joaquín Gallegos Lara National Fiction Prize (Spanish: Premio Nacional de Narrativa Joaquín Gallegos Lara) is a prestigious literary award in Ecuador, named after the renowned Ecuadorian writer Joaquín Gallegos Lara. This prize honors outstanding contributions in the field of fiction, celebrating works that demonstrate exceptional narrative skill and innovation. Established to recognize and encourage literary talent within Ecuador, the award has become a symbol of excellence in storytelling, fostering a rich literary culture in the country. Each year, it draws submissions from a diverse range of authors, showcasing the depth and variety of Ecuadorian fiction. The winning works often explore complex themes and reflect the social, cultural, and historical landscape of Ecuador, contributing significantly to the nation’s literary heritage. The Joaquín Gallegos Lara Prize not only honors individual achievements but also highlights the importance of literature as a means of cultural expression and intellectual exploration in Ecuador. Since 1989 has been awarded yearly by the Municipality of Quito, Ecuador to the best national works in three categories: the short story, the novel, and theater.

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