Mónica Varea Maldonado

Mónica Varea Maldonado (Latacunga, 1958) is an accomplished Ecuadorian author, best known for her contributions to children’s literature. Hailing from the picturesque city of Latacunga, her literary journey has touched the hearts of young readers, bringing forth enchanting tales such as “Margarita Peripecias” (2008), which earned her the prestigious Honorable Mention in the Darío Guevara Mayorga National Prize in 2008, bestowed by the Metropolitan District Municipality of Quito). Her dedication to crafting captivating narratives is further evident in works like “Estás Frita, Margarita” (2010) and “Navidad de Perro” (2013), which continue to delight and inspire young imaginations. Through her writing, Mónica Varea Maldonado has not only won awards but also hearts, making her a cherished figure in Ecuador’s literary scene.

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Oswaldo Encalada Vásquez

Oswaldo Encalada Vásquez (Cañar, 1955) is a philologist, writer of both fiction and children’s literature, and an academic. His substantial contributions to the field of linguistics and literature earned him the prestigious “Fray Vicente Solano” award, conferred by the Municipality of Cuenca on October 18, 2004. This recognition underscores his significant influence and standing in Ecuador’s intellectual and cultural domains. Throughout his career, Vásquez has served in notable positions, including professorships at the Universidad de Azuay and the Colegio Manuela Garaicoa de Calderón. Additionally, he is a distinguished member of the Ecuadorian Academy of Language, further testament to his respected status in the academic world.

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Francisco Delgado

Francisco Delgado Santos (Cuenca, June 9, 1950) is an Ecuadorian writer, poet, and editor. Delgado Santos has made a significant contribution to Ecuadorian literature for children and young people with his extensive collection of over 50 published titles. With a deep passion for reading and writing, Delgado Santos believes in the transformative power of books, especially in shaping the imaginations and intellectual development of young readers. His works span across various genres and have garnered recognition and prestigious awards. Beyond his literary achievements, Delgado Santos has played a pivotal role in establishing the National Library System of Ecuador, expanding access to books and fostering a culture of reading throughout the country.

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Teresa Crespo Toral

Teresa Crespo Toral (Cuenca, October 30, 1928 – Quito, February 15, 2014) was an Ecuadorian writer and a pioneer of children’s literature in her country. Her writings are considered classics of the genre and have been a source of inspiration for new generations of readers. From a young age, Teresa was deeply passionate about literature, and her love for the written word led her to compose her first poems. She authored several well-known books, including “Novena al Niño Jesús,” “Pepe Golondrina y otros cuentos,” “Mateo Simbaña,” which was studied at the University of Paris, and “Ana de los Ríos,” a book adapted into a film by the Convenio Andrés Bello. Teresa Crespo Toral received recognition through various awards, such as the Palma de Plata from the University of Cuenca and the first prize from the House of Ecuadorian Culture in Azuay, among others. She was married to the politician and historian Jorge Salvador Lara and had five children.

Lily Pilataxi de Arenas

Lily Pilataxi de Arenas (Guayaquil, 1930) is an Ecuadorian author of children’s literature, poet, writer, journalist, diplomat and educator. As a feminist and advocate of women’s rights she authored “La Mujer y sus Derechos” [Women and their Rights] (1990). She has taught in Ecuador and Germany, and most recently served as rector of the Educational Unit Steiner (Unidad Educativa Steiner) in Guayaquil. Her teaching experiences in Germany (from 1963 to 1978) are chronicled in “Poema pedagógico No 2 y 3” [Pedagogical Poem Nos. 2 and 3]. Perhaps her most popular children’s story is “Doña cucaracha y la bolita de nieve” [Don︣a Cucaracha and the Snowball] (2010) which was translated into English, Geman and French. She has received numerous honors both inside and outside of Ecuador. She was awarded and designated an honorary member of The International Society of Poets, Writers, and Artists (SIPEA). As a journalist, she wrote an opinion column for El Universo newspaper for 30 years, and was also an opinion columnist for El Telégrafo. She has given lectures in the United States, Europe and Africa.

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Mario Conde

Mario Conde (Ambato, 1972) is a highly accomplished Ecuadorian writer, renowned for his works in children’s and youth literature. In addition to his successful writing career, he is also a distinguished university professor of Latin American Literature. Throughout his career, Mario has published numerous novels and volumes of short stories in collaboration with a variety of esteemed publishers such as Grupo Editorial Norma, Alfaguara Juvenil, Santillana, Loqueleo, SM el Barco de Vapor and Abracadabra Editores. In recognition of his literary achievements, he was awarded the prestigious Alicia Yánez Cossío Prize by the provincial government of the Pichincha province in 2003. With his remarkable talent, Mario has left an indelible mark on the Ecuadorian literary landscape and continues to inspire future generations of writers.

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Cristian Cevallos de la Torre

Cristian Cevallos de la Torre is an Ecuadorian writer. In 2022, at twelve-years old, he published a 113-page story, “Peterson Chase y un caos gigante” [Peterson Chase and a Giant Chaos], which he began writing at the age of 7. The book, which is also available in English, is full of magic, fantasy and adventure. It was published by Lux et Gaudium, a publishing company created by his mother Ana de la Torre to release his book. Among those who accompanied him during the book’s launch presentation were former Ecuadorian Vice President and writer Rosalía Arteaga and the award-winning Argentine poet and writer Ernesto Kahan. Cevallos intends to write a sequel to his book.

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Soledad Córdova

Soledad Córdova, or Soledad Fernández de Córdova (Quito, December 19, 1957) is an Ecuadorian writer of children’s literature, poet, and a librarian. On October 24, 2008 she was appointed director of the Eugenio Espejo National Library of Ecuador, replacing Laura Romo de Crespo. Córdova belonged to the literary workshops of Abdón Ubidia and Diego Velasco. She was a fellow at the Reference Service of the National Library of Spain, and at the General Directorate of Books, Archives and Libraries of the Ministry of Culture of Spain. Her works have received national and international awards.


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Francisca Ortega Salazar

Francisca Ortega Salazar (1933 – Unknown) was an Ecuadorian poet and children’s literature author. In 1984, she won the Ismael Pérez Pazmiño National Poetry Contest for her poem “Salinas.” Her poetry books include “Poemas para Orfeo” (1978) and “Puente” (1957). She also wrote “Lucecita” (1979), a children’s book.

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Juana Neira Malo

Juana Neira Malo (Cuenca, May 29, 1963) is an Ecuadorian author of children’s literature. In 2008 she published her first book, “Mi amiga secreta.” In 2009, her second book “Se necesita a un súper héroe,” won the “Darío Guevara Mayorga” Prize. She was president of Girándula, the Ecuadorian Book Association for Children and Young People, a branch of IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) in Ecuador. She produced and hosted a literary radio program, Sueños de papel, from 2006 to 2018. The program contributed to the country’s culture by highlighting several contemporary Ecuadorian authors and focusing on children’s and youth literature. In August of 2020 it was announced that she was the new director of the “José de la Cuadra” National Plan for the Promotion of Books and Reading.

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Edgar Allan García

Edgar Allan García (Guayaquil, December 17, 1958) is an Ecuadorian writer and cultural promoter. He has 74 books to his credit, including short stories, poetry, novels, biography, nonfiction, essays and children’s literature. His works have been published in Ecuador, Spain, Peru, Mexico and Argentina. His book “Leyendas del Ecuador” is read in primary and secondary schools while his young adult novel “El rey del mundo” was chosen as part of Argentina’s national reading program. His poetry and short stories have also been included in several anthologies, and in 2010 he was included in Jaime García Padrino’s “Great Dictionary of Latin American Authors of Children’s and Youth Literature.” He also serves as the director of Ecuador’s José de la Cuadra National Book and Reading Plan. Some of his stories have been translated into French.

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Eduardo León

Eduardo León Rodríguez (Guayaquil, 1977) is an Ecuadorian poet and author of children’s literature. His poetry collections include: “Censurado” (2018) and “Manzana para mi boca” (2019), both of which were published by El Ángel Editor. His poems have also been included in several anthologies. His first children’s book was “Luz Emilia, un cuento de la infancia.” His latest children’s book is “Ofelia y las cabras mágicas.”

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Rosalía Arteaga

Rosalía Arteaga, born Lupe Rosalía Arteaga Serrano (Cuenca, December 5, 1956) is an Ecuadorian social activist, writer, and politician. She served as president of Ecuador between February 6-11, 1997. She was the first woman constitutional president and vice president of Ecuador. She co-authored the book “Alto Cenepa: los frentes de una guerra,” (1995) and wrote the book “La Presidenta, el secuestro de una propuesta” (1997). Her best known book is “Jerónimo,” which has gone through 8 editions in Spanish, 2 in English, and 1 in Chinese, Braille, Portuguese, Italian and a bilingual edition in Spanish/Portuguese. A continuation, “Los otros Jerónimos,” was published in 2002, with a prologue by the Spanish writer Rosa Montero. She has also written children and youth literature. She currently lives in Quito, Ecuador.

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Yess Padilla

Yess Padilla (Quito, 1975) is an Ecuadorian children’s story author. In 2022, her children’s story “El cuento de la longuita” was published in Spain by Babidibu. She is a computer science engineer focused on marketing, specifically as product manager for online products. She has lived in Barcelona, Spain since 2003.

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Margarita Barriga

Margarita Barriga Pino (Guayaquil, 1940) is an Ecuadorian children’s literature author. She is married to Armando Baquerizo, with whom she has eight children and twenty grandchildren. She took Theater and Pedagogy courses and was a teacher of Puppetry and Education at the Santiago de Guayaquil Catholic University for fifteen years. She has performed puppet theater and theater plays. She has owned a bookstore since 1985, where she teaches reading encouragement workshops for children and teachers.

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