Natalí Romero Torres

Natalí Romero Torres (Manta) is a doctor, clinical sexologist, writer and poet. She is the author of the poetry book, “El amor en tacones” (2018). Alexis Cuzme, director of the publishing house Tinta Ácida, commented that “El amor en tacones” was intended as a text for women. There are themes of sensuality, love, heartbreak, disappointment, and emotional support.

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Pedro Gil Flores

Pedro Gil Flores (Manta, May, 18, 1971) is an Ecuadorian poet and short story writer. His poetry books include Paren la Guerra que yo no juego (1989), Delirium Tremens (1993), Con unas arrugas en la sangre (1997), He llevado una vida feliz (2001) and Sano Juicio (2003), 17 Puñaladas no son nada (2010) and Crónico, Poemas del Siquiátrico Sagrado Corazón (2012). In 2014 Gil published a book of short stories titled El príncipe de los canallas (2o14). He has directed a writing workshop at the Eloy Alfaro Lay University of Manabí (ULEAM). He has been called the “Ecuadorian Rimbaud” by the literary historian Hernán Rodríguez Castelo. He has coordinated the poetry workshop of the Portoviejo branch of the House of Ecuadorian Culture.

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