Humberto Moré

Emilio Humberto Moré, born Lalot Rivadeneira Plata (Esmeraldas, April 14, 1929 – Havana, Cuba, 1984) was an Ecuadorian painter, sculptor, muralist, poet, writer, and art critic. He is widely regarded as one of Ecuador’s most significant painters. He developed his own style which he called “Functional Signology.” His primary contribution to literature is in the areas of art criticism and poetry. His published works include: “El chasqui dormido” (1965), “Actualidad pictórica ecuatoriana” (1970), “Evaluación de los ismos” (1968), and the poem collection “Bolívar sol de América” (1983). In 2011, Moré’s son Leonardo Rivadeneira Chaw released an artistic retrospective on his father’s work entitled “Humberto Moré y su signología.”

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