Felix Valencia

Felix Valencia Vizuete (Latacunga, August 31, 1886 – Quito, January 3, 1919) was an Ecuadorian poet often called the “Poet of Sorrow.” During his lifetime he published the books “Cantos de vida y muerte” (1911) and “La epopeya de San Mateo” (1914). In 1934, his friend, writer and journalist Alejandro Andrade Coello, published “Los poemas del dolor” (Poems of Sorrow), a posthumous collection of his poems. Valencia’s life and work were marked by loneliness, misanthropy and melancholy.

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Atanasio Viteri

Atanasio Viteri Karolys (Latacunga, October 29, 1908-1965) was an essayist, novelist, poet, journalist and university professor. He wrote for the newspapers El Día, La Tierra and El Telégrafo. He was four times the director of the School of Journalism of the Central University of Ecuador, vice president of the National Union of Journalists, president of the Press Freedom Commission of the IV Inter-American Press Congress (Bogotá, 1946) and press secretary of the National Assembly of 1945. He is one of the “poets of Elan,” a group of Ecuadorian poets born between 1905 and 1920 representing the neosymbolism or lyrical vanguard movement.

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Alfonso Rumazo González

Alfonso Rumazo González was an Ecuadorian writer, historian, essayist and literary critic. He was born in Latacunga, Ecuador in 1903 and died in Caracas, Venezuela in 2002. He authored over 30 books in various fields (poetry, fiction, biography, literary criticism). Among his notable works is the biography Manuela saenz, la libertadora del libertador (Quito, 1984), about Doña Manuela Sáenz de Vergara y Aizpuru (1797-1856) who was an Ecuadorian revolutionary heroine of South America who had a intimate relationship with Simon Bolivar around 1822–1830. Rumazo González was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1999.

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