Characters in Jorge Icaza’s Huasipungo (The Villagers)

A list of characters in Huasipungo (1934, English translation by Bernard M. Dulsey: The Villagers, 1964) a novel by Jorge Icaza.

Don Alfonso Pereiraconsidered a gentleman of high society in Quito
Doña Blanca ChaniquePereira’s wife and a matron of the church.
Doña LolitaPereira’s adolescent daughter.
Uncle JulioPereira’s powerful uncle, who has the habit of talking in plural.
Mr. Chapythe manager of the exploitation of wood in Ecuador; an American with great financial resources and millionaire connections abroad.
Policarpiothe mayordomo of the Cuchitambo hacienda owned by Don Alfonso Pereira.
Andrés Chiliquingathe novel’s main protagonist of the novel, an Indian in the hacienda of Don Alfonso Pereira. He heads the resistance during the eviction of the Indians from their huasipungos.
Jacinto Quintanaa mestizo who is the teniente politico, he is a bartender and foreman. He is corrupt and authoritarian. He despises and abuses the Indians.
JuanaJacinto Quintana’s mestiza wife, who has occasional sexual relations with Pereira and the priest.
Gabriel Rodrígueza one-eyed mestizo who is mean to the Indian people.
The priestAn adulterer who gives sermons and puts fear in the hearts of the Indians in order to take advantage of them and achieve financial gain.
Cunshidrés Chiliquinga’s wife, who is physically and sexually abused both by Pereira and by her own husband.
List of characters in Huasipungo (The Villagers)

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