César Chávez Aguilar

César Chávez Aguilar (Tulcán, Ecuador, 1970 – November 10, 2022) was an Ecuadorian writer, bibliographer and librarian. He studied law at the Central University of Ecuador. His stories and essays were published in national and international magazines such as: Línea Imaginaria, Letras del Ecuador, and Encuentros (National Magazine of Culture). He carried out bibliographic research for the Municipality of Guayaquil and for the Benjamín Carrión Cultural Center in Quito, where he was employed as the library director. In 2012 he published “Herir la perfección,” his first book of short stories.

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Luis Enrique Fierro

Luis Enrique Fierro (Tulcán, Carchi Province, November 14, 1936) is an Ecuadorian physician, writer and poet. His literary portfolio includes poetry collections like “Baratillo de esperanza,” “Metástasis,” “Arrecife,” “De Muelles y Caminos,” and “Antología Poética.” In the medical field, Fierro served as the Provincial Director of Health from 1965 to 1972 and later became the director of the pediatrics department at the Luis Gabriel Dávila Hospital. His cultural contributions extended to leadership roles as well, where he served three terms as the president of the Carchi branch of the House of Ecuadorian Culture during the periods of 1983-1987, 1992-1997, and 2001-2005. Ecuador’s president honored Fierro with the Eugenio Espejo Award in Culture in 2005.

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