Diego Maenza

Diego Maenza (Los Ríos, 1987) is an Ecuadorian writer. He is known for his works in poetry, fiction, and novels, which have been translated into several languages. In 2018, Maenza published “Caricreaturas,” a work that combines short stories and poetry. It was a finalist in the call for applications from the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador. The book was later translated into Italian by Alessandro Elias Ghetti and into English by Gastón Jofre Torres. Also in 2018, the National Headquarters of the House of Ecuadorian Culture published Maenza’s novel “Estructura de la plegaria” (Structure of Prayer). This work tackles sensitive topics such as pedophilia and abortion within the context of the intimate lives of Catholic clergy. The novel has been translated into Italian, English, French, Portuguese, German, and Russian. In 2019, Maenza released his poetry collection “Bestiario americano” (American Bestiary), which poetically condenses urban legends and myths from across the Americas. His second novel, “Todas las cartas de amor son ridículas” (All Love Letters Are Ridiculous), was published in 2020. It is a parody of romance novels written in an epistolary format and deals with themes of sexual violence.

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George Reyes

George Reyes (Los Ríos, Ecuador, 1960) is an Ecuadorian poet, essayist, editor, theology professor, and pastor. He has been a permanent resident of Mexico for many years. He has a bachelor’s degree in theology, two master’s degrees in theology, and is a PhD candidate in theology. He is the author of two books on Biblical hermeneutics and co-author of two books on theology. He’s also the author of two poetry collections, “El azul de la tarde” (2015) and “Ese otro exilio, esa otra patria” (2016). He is listed in Mexico’s Encyclopedia of Literature.

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