Carlos H. Endara

Carlos Honorato Endara Garzon, pseudonym Delittante (Quito, December 19, 1896 – Quito, August 2, 1938) was an Ecuadorian poet, essayist, journalist and literary critic. He founded and directed the magazines Ecos Juveniles, Atenea, Bolas y Boladas, and Vida intelectual. He was also a contributor of the magazines Letras and Renacimientos. He worked as a journalist for El Dia before founding Figaro in 1925, an elegantly presented magazine illustrated with Lattore’s satirical caricatures. In 1924, he published “La alcoba de los éxtasis,” a collection of chronicles and short stories.


Honorato Endara was born in 1896 to Miguel Angel Endara and Rosa Elena Garzon, both from Otavalo, Imbabura, Ecuador. He was married to Enriqueta Romero, with whom he had seven children.


  • Delittante



  • La alcoba de los éxtasis: crónicas y cuentos (1924), read it for free her

Historical essay

  • En memoria del mártir Eloy Alfaro y su época (1923).
  • Desde el mirador de América: la dictadura y la patria nueva (1936), read it for free here.


  • De lejanas tierras (1928) by Eduardo Mera with a prologue by Carlos H. Endara.

Name variations

  • Carlos Endara
  • Carlos H. Endara
  • Carlos Honorato Endara
  • Carlos Honorato Endara Garzon

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