Diego Araujo Sánchez

Diego Araujo Sánchez

Diego Araujo Sánchez (Quito, October 14, 1945) is a writer, journalist, and professor from Ecuador. He has been a professor of language and literature at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador for thirty years, and a visiting professor at the Department of Classical and Modern Languages at the University of New Mexico in the United States. For 30 years, he was the deputy director of the Quito newspaper HOY, where he wrote a weekly opinion column. He also wrote a column for the newspaper El Comercio. He has written numerous articles and essays, as well as two historical-political novels, “Los nombres ocultos” (2016) and “Las secretas formas del tiempo” (2021). He is a corresponding member of the Royal Spanish Academy and a numerary member of the Ecuadorian Academy of Language, where he has served as treasurer since September 2017.


Diego Araujo studied law at Ecuador’s Pontifical Catholic University (PUCE). He completed a doctorate in letters at the same school. In the summer of 1984, he enrolled in Manuel Alvar’s Advanced Philology Course at the University of Malaga in Spain.


A conversation with Diego Araujo Sánchez about his novel “Las secretas formas del tiempo.”

Uploaded to Youtube 2022.

Diego Araujo Sánchez interview

Uploaded to Youtube 2022.



  • Los nombres ocultos (2016)
  • Las secretas formas del tiempo (2021)


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  • A contravía, páginas críticas (2014)

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