Entre Marx y Una Mujer Desnuda (1996 Film) Spanish Audio

Directed by Camilo Luzuriaga, this 1996 movie is an adaption of Jorge Enrique Adoum’s 1976 novel Entre Marx y Una Mujer Desnuda (Between Marx and a Naked Woman). Spanish Audio only.(If someone has a version with English subtitles, please share).

“One of the fest’s major surprises is this startlingly inventive and sophisticated, beautifully done film from tiny Ecuador… packed with wit, energy, passion, intelligence, high style and memorable characters… the movie is wildly creative and funny.”

Michael Wilmington of the Chicago Tribune

Storyline: An author gets lost between the book he is writing and the reality and a love that does not exist and the ideals of revolution.

  • Movie length: 1:32 Min
  • Writers: Jorge Enrique Adoum (novel), Aristides Vargas (screenplay)
  • Starring: Felipe Teran, Aristides Vargas, Lissette Cabrera
  • Directed by: Camilo Luzuriaga
  • Filming location: Quito, Ecuador
  • Genre: Drama

The poet, novelist and playwright Jorge Enrique Adoum was born in Ambato, Ecuador on June 29, 1926 and died in Quito, Ecuador of heart failure on July 3, 2009. He was regarded as one of Ecuador’s finest writers and intellectuals.

Prizes: Entre Marx y Una Mujer Desnuda film won Best Art Direction at the XVIII La Habana Film Festival, Best Script and Best Sound Track at the Trieste Film Festival, and was Nominated for Best Foreign Film by the Spanish Film Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1997.

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