Etelvina Carbo Plaza

Etelvina Carbo Plaza (Daule, March 18, 1834 – Lima, March 22, 1902) was an Ecuadorian poet. Her poems were well-regarded by her contemporaries and form part of some national poetry anthologies. A national poetry contest bearing her name is organized by Sociedad Literaria Etelvina Carbo Plaza, a Daule-based literary society founded in 2016 by writer Cecilia Corella Ramírez. This organization is affiliated with the World Academy of Literature, History, Art and Culture (Mexico). An elementary school in the city of Daule also bears the name Etelvina Carbo Plaza. In 2019, Charles J. García Plúas published a biography of her.


Etelvina was the oldest of 7 siblings. Her mother, Mariana Plaza del Campo, died when she was still young. Her father, Manuel José Carbo Noboa (1810-1886), served as Cantonal Councilor of Guayaquil (1838-1839) and Governor of Guayas in 1851 by appointment of his uncle, President Diego Noboa Arteta, a position he lost with the revolution of General José María Urbina. Her father lived some time in exile in Peru and later in life, in 1887, served as Customs Administrator. Etelvina lived the latter part of her life in Lima, Peru, where she died on March 22, 1902.

Full name

Josefina Etelvina Carbo Plaza

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