Fernando Escobar Páez

Fernando Escobar Páez

Fernando Escobar Páez (Quito, 1982) is an Ecuadorian writer, poet and journalist. His first book, “Los ganadores y yo,” was a poetry collection published in 2006. His second book, “Miss O´gginia,” was a book of short stories which won several awards and was published in six countries, including Spain, Argentina and Chile. He has also published the poetry collections, “Escúpeme en la verga” (2013) and “Tu retorno con aliento a biberón, peluche y verga ajena” (2018). His work has been published in over twenty anthologies of poetry and journalistic chronicles, both in Ecuador and abroad. Some of his work has been translated into several languages, including English, German, Portuguese, Russian, and French.


As a journalist he has written for El Comercio, El Telégrafo and BG Magazine.

Writing workshops

He took part in the House of Ecuadorian Culture’s writing workshops, where he was mentored by Edwin Madrid.



  • Los Ganadores y Yo (2006)
  • Escúpeme en la verga (2013)
  • Tu retorno con aliento a biberón, peluche y verga ajena (2018)

Short stories

  • Miss O’ginia

Full name

Fernando Efraín Escobar Páez

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