Gabriela Vargas

Gabriela Vargas Aguirre

Gabriela Vargas Aguirre (Guayaquil, 1984) is an Ecuadorian poet. Her first collection of poems, “La ruta de la ceniza” (2017), which dealt with her mother’s death, received critical acclaim. She was able to publish the book thanks to a competitive grant from the Ministry of Culture and Patrimony. She has participated in various poetry festivals in Ecuador and other South American nations and her poems have been published in several anthologies. In 2020 her second poetry collection, “Lugares que no existen en las guías turísticas,” won the Vicente Huidobro International Poetry Prize and was published in Spain in 2021 by Valparaíso Ediciones.


  • Vicente Huidobro International Poetry Prize 2020
  • Mention in the V Ileana Espinel Cedeño National Young Poetry Prize.


Gabriela Vargas Aguirre interview on “Cafés con letras” (programa 15)

Uploaded to Youtube 2018.

Gabriela Vargas Aguirre reads her poetry

Uploaded to Youtube in 2020.


  • La Ruta de la Ceniza (2017)
  • Lugares que no existen en las guías turísticas (2021)

Her poems have been published in the following anthologies

  • Memorias del Festival Internacional Desembarco Poético (2012)
  • Bandada: Actualidad de la Poesía Ecuatoriana (2014)
  • Mujeres que Hablan (2015)
  • Antología del Tea Party, Muestra Dinámica de Poesía Latinoamericana (2016)
  • País imaginario. Escrituras y transtextos. Poesía latinoamericana 1980-1992 (2018)

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