Gonzalo Escudero

Gonzalo Escudero

Gonzalo Escudero Moscoso (Quito, September 28, 1903 – Brussels, October 10, 1971) was an Ecuadorian poet, academic and diplomat. He earned a doctorate in jurisprudence at the Central University of Ecuador. He was a distinguished professor of international law at the University of Quito, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Congress, and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He served as Ecuador’s ambassador to Uruguay (1942-1845), Peru (1956), Argentina (1961), Colombia (1963), Brazil (1965), UNESCO (1960) and Belgium (1971). In 1964 he was appointed Chancellor of the Republic. At age 16 he published his first book of poems “Los Poemas del Aire,” which won the National Intercollegiate Poetry Contest of 1918. His second book of poems “Las Parábolas Olímpicas” won at the University Floral Games of 1922. He published over a dozen other books, including 2 books posthumously: “Réquiem por la Luz” and “Nocturno de Septiembre.”


Video biography of Gonzalo Escudero Moscoso

Uploaded to YouTube in 2019.

Tomás Galindo reads the poetry of Gonzalo Escudero Moscoso


He was the son of Manuel Eduardo Escudero, a politician, and Elina Moscoso Dalgo. 


He earned a doctorate in jurisprudence from the Central University of Ecuador.


  • Los Poemas del Arte (1918)
  • Las Parábolas Olímpicas (1922)
  • Altanoche (1947)
  • Hélices de Huracán y de Sol (1933)
  • Estatura del Aire (1951)
  • Paralelogramo (obra de teatro)
  • Material del Ángel
  • Autorretrato
  • Introducción a la Muerte
  • Hombre de América
  • Dios
  • Ases
  • Pleamar de Piedra
  • Réquiem por la Luz
  • Nocturno de Septiembre
  • Contrapunto

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