Inés Márquez Moreno

Inés Márquez Moreno

Inés Márquez Moreno (Cuenca, June 7, 1914 – August 18, 2017) was an Ecuadorian poet. Her first poetry collection, “Denuncia del sueño,” was published by the House of Ecuadorian Culture in Azuay in 1963. Her style is characterized by great simplicity and evocative force, and her subjects include love, land, friendship, and family. In 1994, the House of Ecuadorian Culture published her second collection of poems, “Camino de mediodía.” She was awarded the Fray Vicente Solano Medal by the city of Cuenca, which is given to the city’s most distinguished authors. She was a member of the Ibero-American Academy of Poetry in Cuenca since its inception. She continued to write into her 90s and died at the age of 101.


She was the daughter of the historian Ricardo Márquez Tapia and Rosario Moreno y Serrano. She married Juan Tama Costales and had a son, Juan Tama Márquez, in 1950, who made her a grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother.

Inés Márquez Moreno‘s letter to Gabriela Mistral 1938

A 1938 letter by Inés Márquez Moreno to Gabriela Mistral (who would win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1945) during Mistral’s visit to Guayaquil, Ecuador that year. In this letter, Inés Márquez Moreno states that she has followed Gabriela Mistral’s stay in Guayaquil.
She mentions that she has known her work since she was a child and that she herself writes on occasion. She mentions her family’s history with writing.
She requests that Gabriela Mistral accept a sonnet she sends her. In the letter, Ezequiel Márquez and Miguel Moreno are mentioned.


Inés Márquez Moreno, 1945


  • Denuncia del sueño (1963)
  • Camino de mediodía (1994)

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