Issa Aguilar Jara

Issa Aguilar Jara (Cuenca, 1988) is an Ecuadorian poet and journalist. She has authored 3 critically-acclaimed poetry collections. Her debut poetry book, “Con M de mote se escribe Mojigata” (2018), fearlessly challenges the conservative aspects of her hometown with intimate and satirical verses, and delves into intimate themes, including her relationship with her father. Her second collection, “Poliamor town” (2020), delves into themes of love, diverse relationships, and the complexities of human connections. In 2022, her latest book, “Dos tragos de sinestesia o El diablo verde,” won the prestigious César Dávila Andrade National Poetry Prize, further solidifying her reputation as a notable voice in contemporary Ecuadorian poetry. Aguilar’s work has resonated with readers, particularly the younger generation, making her books popular in Cuenca.


A short documentary, Uploaded to YouTube, Nov 12, 2017 – Interview with Issa Aguilar Jara, Uploaded to YouTube Jan 17, 2022.
Interview Issa Aguilar Jara, Radio CCE, Sep 10, 2020
A conversation with Issa Aguilar Jara, Streamed live on YouTube on Feb 22, 2021


  • Con M de mote se escribe Mojigata (2018)
  • Poliamor town (2020)
  • Dos tragos de sinestesia o El diablo verde (2022)

Name variations

  • Isabel Aguilar

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