Katerine Ortega

Katerine Ortega

Katerine Ortega (Quito, 1986) is an Ecuadorian poet, short story writer, and audiovisual communicator. Her works include: “Somos fuego” (2012), (a compilation of poems by various poets), “Naranja entera” (micropoems), La promesa” (videopoems), and she also contributed to the books “Ciencia y simbólica andina ecuatorial” and “Loma Grande: Memoria Histórica y Cultural” (section on mythology). Her stories and poetry have appeared in literary magazines such as Sapo (Chile) and Matapalo (Ecuador), as well as the anthology “Amor y soledad” (Spain). She was part of the literary workshops of the Benjamín Carrión House of Ecuadorian Culture, the Ecuadorian Society of Writers, Kafka Escuela de Escritores, among others. In 2020, she released “Tarasca,” her first collection of short stories.


In 2021 she was studying for a Master’s Degree in Literature at the Simon Bolivar Andean University, Ecuador.


School of Cultural Production Presents KATERINE ORTEGA on the Creative processes and Tarasca (her book of short stories). Uploaded to YouTube on May 20, 2021.


Short stories
  • Tarasca (2020)
  • Somos fuego (2012) poems by Marycé Almeida, José Vicente Quevedo, Katerine Ortega, Énver Álvarez and Rita Vargas.
  • Naranja entera (micropoems)
  • La promesa (videopoems)
  • Amor y soledad poems by various poets
  • Ciencia y simbólica andina ecuatorial (contributor)
  • Loma Grande: Memoria Histórica y Cultural (contributor).

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