Luis Delgadillo

Luis Delgadillo Avilés (Guayaquil, 1942 – September 13, 2022) was an Ecuadorian poet and journalist. He was part of a group of poets dubbed, “Generación Huracanada” [Hurricane Generation]. In 1971, he won the third national poetry prize. His poetry books include: “El rayo que ilumina” (1971), “Poemas de la marcha” (1977), and “Carta para un hijo y otros poemas” (1997). His non-fiction books include: “Leonardo Escobar Bravo, El ministro de los campesinos” (2006) and “La pepa de oro y el montubio” (2007), which focused on themes of the peasant class. He was a member of the literary section of the House of Ecuadorian Culture in Guayas.


He had 4 children: Pilar, Felipe, David and Luisa Delgadillo who is also a journalist.


  • El rayo que ilumina: poesía (1971)
  • Poemas de la marcha (1977)
  • Carta para un hijo y otros poemas (1997)
  • Leonardo Escobar Bravo, El ministro de los campesinos (2006)
  • La pepa de oro y el montubio: homenaje a José de la Cuadra (2007)

Full name

  • Luis Felipe Delgadillo Avilés

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