Marcela Ribadeneira

Marcela Ribadeneira

Marcela Ribadeneira (Quito, 1982) is a writer, journalist, film critic and visual artist. She has written the books Matrioskas (Cadáver exquisito), Golems (El Conejo) and the illustrated story Héctor (Doble Rostro, illustrated by Natalia Monard). She has also published the ebooks Borrador final (Suburbano), Si el grito pudiera leerse, diría algo así (Doble Rostro) and Especímenes. She is the co-founder of the publisher La Linea Negra with her husband, Eduardo Varas. Her stories and journalistic articles have been published in magazine such as: Gatopardo Ecuador, Ronda (Iberia), SoHo, Mundo Diners, Siente (Tame), In and Vamos (Latam).

Ribadeneira’s writing [in Golems] is forceful and exposes itself with an unstoppable avalanche of images, allegories, disfigurements and horrors. For those who dare to feel the vertigo of these pages, nothing will ever be the same, either because the daze after the fall leaves them with permanent and irreversible consequences, or because the golems that enclose these abysses will never let them go.

Óscar Vela, Ecuadorian writer



  • Matrioskas (2014)
  • Golems (2018)

Marcela Ribadeneira’s stories have been included in the following anthologies

  • Señorita Satán. Nuevas narradoras ecuatorianas – edited by Abril Altamirano (2017)
  • Ecuador Cuenta – edited by Julio Ortega (2014)
  • Organismos – edited by Salvador Luis (2018)

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