Margarita Borja

Margarita Borja Salazar

Margarita Borja (Quito, 1983) is an Ecuadorian writer, journalist, translator, and literary critic. She has lived in Leipzip, Germany since 2007, where her daughters were born and raised. Since 2012 she has written an international opinion column for the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo. In 2015, she published a collection of 32 of her opinion columns as a book, “Una latina en Alemania: historias de dos mundos” [A Latina in Germany: Stories of Two Worlds]. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications.


Margarita Borja presents her book “Una latina en Alemania” in Quito in 2016


Margarita Borja interview in 2021


Selected works

  • Réquiem por una futbolista
  • La literatura del espía
  • Habitantes de la periferia
  • Tras la cortina de nieve
  • Una latina en Alemania: Historias de dos mundos

Social media

Name variations

  • Margarita Borja (used in print)
  • Margarita Maria Borja Salazar
  • Margarita Borja Salazar

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