Mayari Granda Luna

Mayari Granda Luna

Mayari Granda Luna (Quito, 1977) is an Ecuadorian poet and a literary critic. Her poetry has appeared in several magazines, including Hoja Verde in Chile and Eskeletra in Quito. Granda Luna has also authored poetry books such as “Palabras con el eje roto” (1995) and “Noctivago” (1998).

Interview with Mayari Granda Luna

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  • Palabras con el eje roto (1995)
  • Noctivago (1998)
  • Poetas suicidas del Ecuador 1829-1967 (2011)
  • Sangre en las manos: antología poética personal, 1995-2011 (2011)

Her poems were published in the following anthologies:

  • Memorias de las primeras jornadas poéticas juveniles del Ecuador (Quito, 1994)
  • Antología de poesía y cuentos ecuatorianos (Cuenca, 1998)

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