Melanie Márquez Adams

Melanie Márquez Adams (Guayaquil, May 5, 1976) is an Ecuadorian American writer, editor, and translator. Among her published books are “Mariposas negras” (2017), a collection of stories, and “Querencia” (2020), an exploration of identity and finding one’s sense of belonging in a foreign land. As an editor, Márquez Adams has curated anthologies such as “Del sur al norte: Narrativa y poesía de autores andinos” (2016), which showcases the narratives and poetry of Andean authors, and “Ellas cuentan: Antología de Crime Fiction por latinoamericanas en EEUU” (2019), highlighting the crime fiction works by Latin American women in the United States. Márquez Adams has received accolades such as the Latino Book Award for her exceptional work as an editor. Her latest work, “Imaginar países” (2021), was a finalist for the 2022 Premio Paz de Poesía (Paz Poetry Prize).

Early Life and Education

Melanie Márquez-Adams was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on May 5, 1976. Growing up in her vibrant hometown, Melanie developed a deep appreciation for literature, igniting her passion for storytelling and writing. Driven by this love for the written word, she pursued her education in the field, ultimately earning a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Spanish Creative Writing from the University of Iowa, further honing her skills and nurturing her creative spirit.

Creative Writing Teacher

In addition to her achievements as a writer and editor, Melanie Márquez-Adams has made a significant impact as a creative writing teacher. She has shared her knowledge and expertise with aspiring writers at institutions such as Hugo House, Seattle Escribe, and The Porch. Through her teaching, Melanie guides and inspires emerging voices, encouraging them to refine their craft, explore their unique writing styles, and unlock their creative potential.

Awards and Recognitions

Melanie Márquez Adams’ outstanding contributions to the literary field have garnered widespread acclaim and recognition. In 2018, her exceptional work as an editor was acknowledged with the prestigious Latino Book Awards. This honor serves as a testament to Melanie’s remarkable talent in curating anthologies that amplify diverse voices and promote Spanish-language literature, highlighting her dedication to showcasing the richness and depth of literary expression.

Partial list of accolades

  • Latino Book Awards for exceptional work as an editor (2018)
  • Recipient of the Iowa Arts Fellowship
  • North Texas Book Festival Award for Short Fiction in Spanish for “Mariposas negras” (2017)
  • International Latino Book Award for “Del sur al norte: Narrativa y poesía de autores andinos” (2016)
  • Finalist for the Paz de Poesía Prize (2022)


  • Mariposas negras: cuentos extraños (Eskeletra, 2017)
  • Del sur al norte: Narrativa y poesía de autores andinos (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017)
  • Pertenencia: Narradores sudamericanos en Estados Unidos (Ars Communis, 2017)
  • Ellas cuentan: Antología de Crime Fiction por latinoamericanas en EEUU (Sudaquia Editores, 2019)
  • Querencia (Katakana, 2020)
  • El país de las maravillas: crónicas de mi sueño americano (César Chávez Institute 2021)
  • Imaginar países (Editorial Hypermedia, 2021)

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