Mónica Varea Maldonado

Mónica Varea Maldonado (Latacunga, 1958) is an accomplished Ecuadorian author, best known for her contributions to children’s literature. Hailing from the picturesque city of Latacunga, her literary journey has touched the hearts of young readers, bringing forth enchanting tales such as “Margarita Peripecias” (2008), which earned her the prestigious Honorable Mention in the Darío Guevara Mayorga National Prize in 2008, bestowed by the Metropolitan District Municipality of Quito). Her dedication to crafting captivating narratives is further evident in works like “Estás Frita, Margarita” (2010) and “Navidad de Perro” (2013), which continue to delight and inspire young imaginations. Through her writing, Mónica Varea Maldonado has not only won awards but also hearts, making her a cherished figure in Ecuador’s literary scene.


Mónica Varea Maldonado, born in Latacunga in 1958, is a distinguished Ecuadorian author renowned for her contributions to children’s literature. Her journey through education commenced in the city of Latacunga, where she attended the Unidad Educativa Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Hnas. Bethlemitas for her primary education. At the age of 8, she continued her studies in Quito at the Unidad Educativa La Dolorosa. Her pursuit of higher education led her to the University Católica, where she studied Jurisprudence.

In 1996, Mónica Varea Maldonado embarked on a new chapter in her life, delving into the world of writing and literature. Her passion for books and storytelling led her to establish the Rayuela bookstore in Quito. Beyond her role as an author, she is also a gifted storyteller, known for her involvement in various reading campaigns. Furthermore, she has found a platform for her thoughts and ideas as a columnist for the newspaper El Universo and as a writer of articles in national magazines.


  • Margarita Peripecias (2008)
  • Juan Olvidón (2009)
  • Estás frita, Margarita (2010)
  • Qué animales (2011)
  • Cuentos de perros y otros enredos (2013)
  • Navidad de perro (2013)
  • Zaz (2015)
  • Autografía no autorizada (2016)

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