Paola Cando

Paola Cando

Paola Cando Bermeo (Cuenca, January 25, 1995) is an Ecuadorian writer and poet. Her journey in literature began in 2012 when she published “Parchís,” a collection of several young authors from the city of Cuenca. Two years later, she was part of the poetic anthology “Nuevas Voces de la Poesía Cuencana,” presented at the XII Encounter on Ecuadorian Literature by the State University of Cuenca. In 2015, along with numerous Latin American authors, she was featured in the poetic anthology “90 revoluciones,” published by the independent publisher Mecánica Giratoria. 2017 saw her collaborate with the independent publisher Ninacuro Cartonera on another poetic anthology titled “Cirugía inflamable.” In 2020, her poem “Chendoaventuras” was selected to be featured in the book “Poemas sobre dos ciudades.” This book compiled the winning entries from the Azogues and Cuenca 2020 Poetry Prize Competition, as well as additional poems from the same competition, chosen by the jury.


Paola Cando holds a degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Católica de Cuenca (2014-2018).


Paola Cando and Solange Páez at the “Mayúscula” Festival. Uploaded to YouTube in 2020.

Paola Cando’s poetry has been included in:

  • Parchís (2012)
  • Nuevas Voces de la Poesía Cuencana (2014)
  • 90 revoluciones (2015)
  • Cirugía inflamable (2017)
  • Poemas sobre dos ciudades (2020)

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