Rita Lecumberri

Rita Lecumberri

Rita Lecumberri Robles (Guayaquil, November, 14, 1831 – Guayaquil, December 23, 1910) was an Ecuadorian writer and educator. She was a published and awarded poet and essayist. She is also noted for her contribution to the education of women in Ecuador. She was director of the Escuela San Alejo in 1880-82 and 1882-95. A school, (El colegio Rita Lecumberri) is named after her as well as an award.


  • Col. Ignacio Lecumberri, father
  • Rita Robles, mother. She was the sister of the President of Ecuador, Juan Francisco Robles (in office 1856 – 1859).


Ensayos Poéticos (1883)

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