Oswaldo Encalada Vásquez

Oswaldo Encalada Vásquez (Cañar, 1955) is a philologist, writer of both fiction and children’s literature, and an academic. His substantial contributions to the field of linguistics and literature earned him the prestigious “Fray Vicente Solano” award, conferred by the Municipality of Cuenca on October 18, 2004. This recognition underscores his significant influence and standing in Ecuador’s intellectual and cultural domains. Throughout his career, Vásquez has served in notable positions, including professorships at the Universidad de Azuay and the Colegio Manuela Garaicoa de Calderón. Additionally, he is a distinguished member of the Ecuadorian Academy of Language, further testament to his respected status in the academic world.

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Raquel Rodas Morales

Raquel Rodas Morales (Paute, Azuay, June 1940-Quito, November 1, 2018) was an Ecuadorian writer, historian, and feminist. She dedicated her life to teaching, studying philosophy, and conducting research from a feminist perspective on the contributions of influential women in the history of Ecuador, such as Tránsito Amaguaña, Dolores Cacuango, and María Luisa Gómez de la Torre. Raquel Rodas authored numerous books dedicated to women’s history and the feminist movement. Her extensive research and writings have significantly contributed to the understanding of women’s experiences, the impact of patriarchy, and the struggles faced by women throughout history. The Metropolitan Council of Quito awarded her the Mention of Honor for Relevant Services to the City.

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Jorge Coronel Pincay

Jorge Coronel Pincay (Guayaquil, April 23, 1920 – February 19, 1992) was an Ecuadorian lawyer, university professor, and noted poet renowned for his ability to convey profound emotions through short and impactful verses. He was honored with the title of “Romancero Guayaquileño” by the Municipality of Guayaquil. His notable published works include “Junquillo” (1935), “Romances a sol y lágrimas” (1940), “Dos Recitales” (1952), “Promesa de don Francisco” (1972), “Más allá de las palabras” (1977), and “Artefactos” (1979). His poems evoke intense feelings, showcasing his ability to capture complex emotions with brevity and evocativeness. The law firm he founded in 1952, today named Pincay Morla & Cia, is one of the oldest in Guayaquil and is still run by his descendants.

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Carolina Portaluppi

Carolina Portaluppi Castro (Guayaquil, 1963) is an Ecuadorian poet, economist, and educator. Her literary journey began with the publication of her first poetry collection, “Excluidos los signos,” in 1999, which delves into a range of human emotions and experiences. In 2009, she unveiled her second book, “Dice que no sabe,” which draws inspiration from the renowned Argentine poet Alejandra Pizarnik and showcases Portaluppi Castro’s introspective writing style. Carolina Portaluppi Castro holds the position of Coordinator of the Master’s Degree Program in Public Administration at Casa Grande University where she is also a professor of Public Policies. Additionally, she serves as a Professor of Public Policies for Disaster Risk Reduction at the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar. Her poems have been published in various anthologies, including, “Indignados tus hijos del yugo,” “La voz del Eros,” and “Poetas de la Mitad del Mundo.”

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