Adolfo Macias Huerta

Adolfo Macias Huerta

Adolfo Macias Huerta (Guayaquil, 1960) is a renowned Ecuadorian novelist and psychotherapist. His significant contributions to contemporary literature have earned him critical acclaim and recognition. With works like “El Mitómano” (2018) and “Donde el sol pierde su reino” (2023), Macías Huerta showcases his talent for crafting compelling narratives that explore themes of art, pain, and the complexities of human existence. His ability to create captivating characters and challenge conventional storytelling boundaries has solidified his position as a notable figure in Ecuadorian literature, while his numerous awards, including the Joaquín Gallegos Lara Prize (1995, 2010) and the National Literature Prize (2017), highlight his literary prowess and literary impact.


Adolfo Macías Huerta has established himself as one of the most widely read Ecuadorian authors of our time, particularly within Latin America. His works have resonated with readers across the region, captivating audiences with his engaging storytelling, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes. His novels explore themes of art, pain, and the complexities of human existence. With a talent for crafting compelling characters, Macías Huerta’s works have captivated readers both in Ecuador and beyond.

Early Life and Education

Adolfo Macías Huerta was born in Guayaquil in 1960. His passion for literature sparked at the age of thirteen when he discovered the novel “Damián,” a book that deeply resonated with him and ignited his love for storytelling. Influenced by early literary figures such as Herman Hesse, Jorge Luis Borges, and Ernesto Sabato, Adolfo embarked on a journey of writing and exploration. He pursued his studies in Philosophy at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, delving into classic English and German novels. In 1991, Macías Huerta married Verónica Ávila and embarked on a career as a copywriter for various advertising agencies. Eventually, Adolfo transitioned from a career in advertising to focus on his passion for writing and completed studies in humanistic psychotherapy. Adolfo Macías Huerta’s diverse background and literary achievements have firmly established his position among Ecuador’s most admired contemporary authors.

Literary career

One of his notable books is “El Mitómano” (The Mythomaniac), published in 2018 by the publishing group Planeta under their Seix Barral imprint. The novel follows the life of a motorcycle salesman who clings to his imagination as a means of coping with financial struggles. However, his wife demands that he confront reality, leading him to face the truth behind his compulsive lying. “El Mitómano” showcases Macías Huerta’s ability to construct compelling characters and presents a narrative that challenges the boundaries between fiction and reality. In 2017, the novel, before being published, won a prize from the Ministry of Culture.

In 2023, Adolfo Macías Huerta released a new novel titled “Donde el sol pierde su reino” (Where the Sun Loses Its Kingdom). The story revolves around a young dancer’s search for artistic identity. While performing on stage, an unexpected fall abruptly interrupts his routine, leading to a pivotal moment that shatters his world. The consequences of this incident propel him into a path of addiction, as he grapples with the pain caused by his mistake. Within the backdrop of a city enveloped in apathy, he seeks refuge and explores the depths of his being, unearthing the complexities of his upbringing and the strained relationships with his absent mother and grandiose grandmother. Driven by his insatiable passion for dance, he becomes entwined in a relentless pursuit, using it as a means of escape and a form of anesthesia. However, as he confronts the looming threats from within, he descends into a profound sense of loneliness and teeters on the edge of his own existence.

In addition to “El Mitómano” and “Donde el sol pierde su reino,” Adolfo Macías Huerta has written several other notable works, including “Laberinto junto al mar” (2001), “Pensión Babilonia” (2013), and “Las niñas” (2016). His literary achievements have earned him recognition, including the Joaquín Gallegos Lara Award on two occasions and the National Literature Prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador.

Psychotherapy Career

Adolfo Macías Huerta has made a significant impact in both the literary world and the field of psychotherapy. His expertise in Integrative Gestalt Therapy is showcased in his publication “Terapia Gestalt Integrativa. Manual para estudiantes” (Integrative Gestalt Therapy: A Manual for Students) in 2017. As a psychotherapist, he conducts group therapies for addiction recovery, couples therapy, and individual psychotherapy, utilizing Integrative Gestalt Therapy principles. Adolfo has also served as a Professor of Personal Development Theory at the Instituto Cre-Ser de Desarrollo Humano, sharing his knowledge with students. Additionally, he has provided his expertise as a political communications consultant. Adolfo’s multifaceted professional background has profoundly impacted the lives of his clients, students, and readers, as he offers guidance, insights, and captivating narratives that deeply resonate. His ability to navigate various disciplines and connect with people on different levels solidifies his transformative influence.

Awards and Recognitions

Adolfo Macías Huerta has been the recipient of several prestigious awards and prizes throughout his literary career. In recognition of his talent and contribution to the literary world, he was awarded the Joaquín Gallegos Lara Prize for his short story collection “El examinador” in 1995. In 2010, he once again received the Joaquín Gallegos Lara Prize, this time for his novel “El grito del hada.”

Furthermore, in 2017, Macías Huerta was honored with the National Literature Prize from the Ministry of Culture for his novel “El mitómano.” This recognition further solidified his status as a respected and accomplished author.

These awards demonstrate the critical acclaim and appreciation that Macías Huerta’s works have garnered, reflecting his literary prowess and the impact of his storytelling. His unique voice and captivating narratives have earned him a place among the notable figures in Ecuadorian literature.


Interview with Adolfo Macías Huerta

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Interview with Adolfo Macías Huerta

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Interview with Adolfo Macías Huerta

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Born in Guayaquil, Adolfo currently works as therapist, conducting group therapies for overcoming addictions, couples therapy and individual psychotherapy, using Integrative Gestalt Therapy. He is a Profesor of Personal Development Theory at the Instituto Cre-Ser de Desarrollo Humano. He has worked as assesor in political communications for various political figures. As a writter, Adolfo won the national prize Premio Nacional Joaquín Gallegos Lara for his storybook El Examinador (1995). Later he ventured into novels with his book Laberinto junto al mar (Editorial Planeta, 2001), El dios que ríe (Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, 2007, El grito del hada (Eskeletra, 2010. His second story book, Cabeza de Turco, was published in 2011by Editorial El Antropófago. Uploaded to YouTube on Aug 15, 2013.

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  • Laberinto junto al mar (2001), Editorial Planeta
  • El dios que ríe (2007), Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana
  • La vida oculta (2009), Editorial El Conejo
  • El grito del hada (2010), Editorial Eskeletra
  • Cabeza de turco (cuentos) (2011), Editorial El Antropófago
  • Pensión Babilonia (2013), Ministerio de Cultura del Ecuador
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  • Las niñas (2016), Seix Barral
  • El mitómano (2018), Seix Barral
  • Donde el sol pierde su reino (2023)
Professional publications
  • Terapia Gestalt Integrativa. Manual para estudiantes (Integrative Gestalt Therapy: A Manual for Students)

Full name

  • Adolfo Xavier Macías Huerta

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