César Borja Lavayen

César Borja Lavayen

César Borja Lavayen (Quito, February 6, 1851 – Guayaquil, January 31, 1910) was a writer, poet, translator, physician, politician and professor. He was educated at the National University of San Marcos in Lima, Peru. He served as the Deputy of the National Congress of Ecuador, and mayor of Guayaquil (1903-1904). He was a member of the Ecuadorian Academy of Language (since 1901) and in the latter part of his life was the rector of the Central University of Ecuador (since 1908). For political reasons, he lived various years in exile in Costa Rica. On his return to Ecuador, Borja was appointed to various important posts by President Eloy Alfaro.

Personal life

In 1904, during a trip to Puná, Borja Lavayen met Piedad Guerrero Martínez, whom he married in 1912, they had 4 children.


President Eloy Alfaro and a group of senior officials after having nailed the “golden nail” on the day of the inauguration of the Andean Railway, in 1908. In the front row, Archer Harman and Eloy Alfaro; second row: Alfredo Monge, Crnel. Belisario Torres, Dr. César Borja Lavayen, General Francisco Hipólito Moncayo, William Fox and Amalio Puga.

Selected works

  • Raza de Víboras (1899)
  • Patria (1899)
  • Fin de Siglo
  • Flores tardias y joyas ajenas (1909) – a collection of poems previously published in newspapers and magazines, 44 new poems, and 59 poems by other poets translated by Borja from the French.
  • La Pólvora (1914) a play co-written with Rafael Pino Roca.
  • Estrellita, cuento que parece historia (1917) a serial novel published in the El Guante Literario. Borja translated Estrellita into German in 1923.
  • -Mama- un caso clínico de afasia (1921).
  • La fiebre amarilla: apuntes sobre la epidemia de 1880
  • Geografia medica de la fiebre amarilla en Ecuador

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