Aida Borja Álvarez

Aida Borja Álvarez was an Ecuadorian historian and poet. In 1959, she released a remarkable collection of poetry titled “Nautilo.” Alongside her poetic endeavors, Aida also delved into nonfiction, producing compelling works such as “El Capitán de los Andes” (1960), a comprehensive two-volume biography chronicling the life of Simon Bolivar. Additionally, she authored “Grecia” (1960), an insightful exploration of Greece’s majestic mountains, its gods, and the people that inhabit its land. Aida’s literary repertoire extended further with “Mi visión del archipiélago” (1963), a captivating book that offered her unique perspective on the enchanting Galápagos Islands.

Works by Aida Borja Álvarez


Nautilo, (Quito, Ecuador: Universitaria, 1959)

  • El Capitán de los Andes, (Quito, Ecuador: Colegio Don Bosco 1960)
  • Grecia: sus montes, sus dioses y sus hombres (Quito, Ecuador: Colegio Don Bosco 1960)
  • Mi visión del archipiélago (Quito, Ecuador: Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, 1963)

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