Alejandro Ribadeneira

Alejandro Ribadeneira Tobar

Alejandro Ribadeneira Tobar (Santiago, Chile, 1973) is an author, journalist, and editor born to an Ecuadorian father and a Chilean mother and has dual nationality. Since 2000, he has been part of Grupo El Comercio in Ecuador, where he has served as a macro editor, tasked with planning and editing journalistic content in areas such as Culture, Entertainment, Sports, Environment, History, among others, for both digital and print media. Educated at the Central University of Ecuador with a degree in Social Communication, Ribadeneira has penned a poetry book, several volumes of short stories, and novels, including “La frutilla mecánica,” “La máscara del padre,” “Calendario sin abril,” and “Inti-Force: Orígenes.” For 25 years, he has been a dedicated commentator and writer on the subject of soccer. He lives in Quito, Ecuador.


  • Received an honorable mention in the Jorge Mantilla Ortega national journalism competition in 1998.
  • Third-place winner at the Bienal del Cuento Ecuatoriano Pablo Palacio in 2001.

Selected work


  • La frutilla mecánica (novela)
  • La máscara del padre (novela)
  • Calendario sin abril (novela)
  • Inti-Force: orígenes (novela)

Short stories

  • The Mugre Music Band – 15 años de éxitos (cuentos, 2000)
  • El buitre soy yo: (cuentos) (2004)
  • Las traigo muertas: (cuentos) (2005)
  • Chulla vida: (cuentos) (2007)


  • El obituario de los vivos (Poetry, 1995)


  • Que se Vaya: Crónica del Bucaramato (Reportage, 1997, co-authored)
  • ¡Hasta cuándo, profe Almeida! (Antileyendas de Quito, 2014)

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