Aleyda Quevedo Rojas

Aleyda Quevedo

Aleyda Quevedo Rojas (Quito, 1972) is an Ecuadorian poet and journalist. She is regarded as an important voice in contemporary Latin American poetry. Among her best-known works are the poems “Algunas rosas verdes” (1996), for which she won that year’s Jorge Carrera Andrade Award, and “Soy mi cuerpo” (2006), in which she uses the human figure as an escape from the fears and anguish provoked by death. The latter book and another one, “Jardín de dagas” (2013), were translated into French. In 2017, the House of Ecuadorian Culture published the book “Cierta manera de la luz sobre el cuerpo,” a compilation of her poems up to that point.

Early Life and Background

Aleyda Quevedo Rojas, born in 1972 in Quito, Ecuador, has become a distinguished figure in Latin American literature. Her evocative and emotionally resonant poetry is deeply entrenched in Ecuadorian culture and life. Quevedo’s work vividly portrays the unique landscape, traditions, and experiences of her homeland, making her a prominent voice in the rich tapestry of Latin American poetry.

Literary Career

Quevedo’s career as a poet and cultural figure spans over three decades. She has published several poetry collections that have been well-received both in her home country and internationally. Her poetry is characterized by its exploration of themes such as identity, femininity, nature, and the human condition.

Notable Works

  • Algunas rosas verdes (1996): This collection earned her the Jorge Carrera Andrade National Poetry Prize.
  • Soy mi cuerpo (2006) and Jardín de Dagas (2013): Both works have been translated into French, demonstrating her international appeal.
  • Herbolario íntimo (2022): A recent addition to her oeuvre, this collection delves into the relationship between humans and nature, exploring botanical imagery and themes of femininity.

Recent Achievements

In 2023, Quevedo’s work “Herbolario íntimo” received the Literary Arts Fund from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Culture’s Institute for Creativity and Innovation. The book, selected by an international jury, is complemented by a high-quality video art piece that expands the reach of her poetic expression.

Cultural Impact

Quevedo is not just a poet but also a prominent figure in cultural management and literary criticism. Her work as an editor and curator has significantly contributed to the promotion of Latin American literature and culture.

International Recognition

Quevedo has represented Ecuador in various international literary festivals and book fairs across continents, including North and South America, Europe, and beyond. Her work has been partially translated into multiple languages, making her a truly global literary voice.

Notable Festivals and Events

  • Poetry recitals in Trois-Rivières, Canada (2015)
  • The XXX International Book Fair of Havana, Cuba (2022), where she presented her work along with fellow Ecuadorian poet Edwin Madrid.
  • Encuentro Internacional de Poetas Mujeres in Cereté, Montería, Colombia (2022)
  • Literary presentations in multiple cities across Ecuador and other countries, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, France, Cuba, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil.

Philosophy and Style

Quevedo’s poetry is known for its intimate and evocative style. She often incorporates natural imagery and personal experiences to create deeply resonant and emotionally charged poems. Her recent works, such as “Herbolario íntimo,” reflect a unique blend of introspection, nature observation, and a profound understanding of human emotions.


Aleyda Quevedo in Cuba, presenting “Soy mi cuerpo,” 2017


Poem of the week by Aleyda Quevedo

Circa 2015


  • Cambio en los climas del corazón (1989)
  • La actitud del fuego (1994)
  • Algunas rosas verdes (1996)
  • Espacio vacío (2001)
  • Soy mi cuerpo (2006)
  • Dos encendidos, Manuela y Bolívar (2010)
  • Jardín de Dagas (2013)
  • Cierta manera de la luz sobre el cuerpo (2017)
  • Herbolario íntimo (2023)

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