Aleyda Quevedo Rojas

Aleyda Quevedo

Aleyda Quevedo Rojas (Quito, 1972) is an Ecuadorian poet and journalist. She is regarded as an important voice in contemporary Latin American poetry. Among her best-known works are the poems “Algunas rosas verdes” (1996), for which she won that year’s Jorge Carrera Andrade Award, and “Soy mi cuerpo” (2006), in which she uses the human figure as an escape from the fears and anguish provoked by death. The latter book and another one, “Jardín de dagas” (2013), were translated into French. In 2017, the House of Ecuadorian Culture published the book “Cierta manera de la luz sobre el cuerpo,” a compilation of her poems up to that point.


Aleyda Quevedo in Cuba, presenting “Soy mi cuerpo,” 2017


Poem of the week by Aleyda Quevedo

Circa 2015


  • Cambio en los climas del corazón (1989)
  • La actitud del fuego (1994)
  • Algunas rosas verdes (1996)
  • Espacio vacío (2001)
  • Soy mi cuerpo (2006)
  • Dos encendidos, Manuela y Bolívar (2010)
  • Jardín de Dagas (2013)
  • Cierta manera de la luz sobre el cuerpo (2017)

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