Alfredo Vivar

Alfredo Vivar (Cuenca, 1932 – unknown) was an Ecuadorian poet, painter, and civil engineer. He is perhaps best known for his poetry books, “Variaciones, natura, amor, soledad” (1978), “Sonsinfin Opus” (1984), and “Sonsinfin Opus 2” (1986). In 2012, the University of Cuenca published two poetry books from his cyclical series Sonsinfin: “Suele llama sola mi corazón” and “El mar azul… ¿Dónde es azul?” Eliecer Cárdenas, in the foreword of these volumes, emphasized the distinctiveness of Vivar’s poetry, characterized by its non-sequential nature and instantaneity. Jorge Dávila Vázquez once referred to Alfredo Vivar as “a lyricist who has not yet received the recognition he deserves.” Notably, Vivar’s poetry was also included in the anthology “Siete poetas,” which was published by the House of Ecuadorian Culture in 1990.

Selected works

  • Variaciones, natura, amor, soledad (Universidad de Cuenca, 1978)
  • Sonsinfin Opus (Publicaciones del Departamento de Cultura de Cuenca, 1984
  • Sonsinfin: Opus 2 (Departamento de Difusión Cultural de la Universidad de Cuenca, 1986)
  • El mar azul… : ¿Dónde es azul?  (Universidad de Cuenca, 2012) 
  • Suele llama sola mi corazón  (Universidad de Cuenca, 2012) 
His poetry was also published in the following anthology:
  • Siete poetas: Antología (Waldo Calle, Eugenio Crespo, Alberto Ordóñez, Iván Petroff, Gerardo Salgado, Sara Venégas, Alfredo Vivar) by Vanegas Coveña, Sara B. (Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana “Benjamín Carrión,” Núcleo del Azuay, 1990)

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