Ángela Arboleda

Ángela Arboleda Jiménez (Guayaquil, 1969) is a journalist, publicist, dancer, oral storyteller, writer, cultural manager, and teacher. Her literary career began under the mentorship of Miguel Donoso Pareja, and she has published works such as “Cuentos y tradiciones orales del Ecuador” (2006), “Nadie sabe qué hará mañana” (2008), “Tuétano” (2021), and “Esa mujer es la muerte” (2022). A dedicated preserver of oral traditions, Arboleda has toured festivals for over 20 years, and her significant contributions to cultural management are marked by her leadership in various storytelling events. She has been recognized with nominations for Woman of the Year in Art and Culture. She holds advanced degrees in Cultural Management and teaches at the University of the Arts (UArtes) in Guayaquil.


Ángela Arboleda, born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in 1969, is an author, storyteller, cultural manager, and teacher, her journey is marked by a commitment to the arts and a dedication to the preservation of oral traditions.

Early Life and Education

Arboleda initially pursued degrees in Social Communication and Advertising and Marketing. Her early career included a stint as a Creative Writer in an advertising agency in Guayaquil. However, driven by her passion for theatre and contemporary dance, she abandoned her professional path to embark on a journey across South America to study with groups she admired, ending her adventure in Brazil after months of intense learning.

Literary Career

Upon returning to Ecuador, Arboleda engaged in the literary workshop of Miguel Donoso Pareja, culminating in the publication of her first solo book, “Nadie sabe qué hará mañana” in 2008. Her works have been included in various anthologies, reflecting her unique voice and storytelling prowess. Her publications on oral tradition, such as “Cuentos y tradiciones orales del Ecuador,” stand as a testament to her dedication to preserving cultural heritage.

Contributions to Cultural Management

Arboleda has made significant contributions to cultural management. Her postgraduate degree in Cultural Management from Spain enabled her to lead the International Meeting of Oral Narrators “Un Cerro de Cuentos” for a decade and the International Meeting of Child Oral Narrators “Un Cerrito de Cuentos” for eight years. These events gathered thousands to celebrate and embrace storytelling.

For over 20 years, she has toured major festivals in various countries, performing her stories and engaging audiences. Her nomination for Woman of the Year in Art and Culture on multiple occasions, and her decoration by the Governor of Guayas, highlight her impact as a cultural promoter.

Academic Achievements

Holding a master’s degree in the Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities from the University of Barcelona, Arboleda continues to shape the future of arts and culture as a teacher at the University of the Arts (UArtes) in Guayaquil. Her initiatives, including scholarships for child oral narrators and international oral and teaching sessions, extend her influence to the academic realm.

Selected Works

  • Nadie sabe qué hará mañana (2008)
  • Mensaje en una botella (compilation by Miguel Donoso Pareja that includes her work)
  • Cuentos y tradiciones orales del Ecuador
  • Historias de abuelos y cirgüelas. Cuentos y leyendas del cerro Santa Ana
  • Había una vez en Samborondón
  • Tuétano (2021)
  • Esa mujer es la muerte (2022)

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