Ernesto Torres Terán

Ernesto Torres Terán

Ernesto Torres Terán (Guayaquil, 1956) is an Ecuadorian medical doctor and prolific writer. He began his literary journey with the publication of the short story collection “Del puerto secreto” (1982), followed by “Y sin embargo se mueve” (1983) and “Territorio de fantasmas” (2006). His novels include notable works like “Asedios profanos,” for which he won the Onetti-Rulfo Prize in 1996, “Mínima gloria” (2012), and “Diecisiete ballenas en una pecera” (2014), earning him various awards. Recently, he won the Miguel Riofrío Prize for his latest novel “Tu próxima movida” (2022), further adding to his acclaim as a prominent Ecuadorian writer.


Ernesto Torres Terán, born in 1956 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, has made substantial contributions to Ecuadorian literature. His life journey is a compelling tale of a medical professional with a literary passion.

Medical Profession

Ernesto Torres Terán studied medicine due to family tradition but his love for literature remained unfading. He worked in various rural areas and international locations, including Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Bolivia, and Spain. His medical experiences, particularly in the Amazon region, became sources of inspiration for his writings.

Literary Career

Torres Terán began his literary journey with his first book of stories, “Del puerto secreto,” in 1982.

Ernesto Torres Terán’s novels offer unique perspectives on various aspects of life and society. In “Tu próxima movida,” he artfully combines chess with literature to create an allegorical plotline, while “Asedios profanos” explores the world resulting from oil exploitation in the Ecuadorian Amazon from the late ’70s. His work “Mínima gloria” is set in the Galápagos Islands, focusing on the intricate relationship between three childhood friends. Collectively, Torres’s works delve into deep and complex themes of human existence, lifestyle, consumerism, libertinism, individualism, dislocation of families, drug trafficking, and social violence. Emphasizing realism in his writing, Torres’s narrative style stands out as a distinctive voice in contemporary literature.

His works range from novels to short stories, and he has been recognized with several awards.

Notable Works and Awards

  • “Asedios Profanos” (1996): Explores the world that emerged from oil exploitation in Ecuador. It won the Latin American Novel Prize Onetti-Rulfo in Uruguay.
  • “Y sin embargo se mueve” (1993): Winner of the José de la Cuadra Unique Stories Prize.
  • “Mínima Gloria” (2012): Honored with the Sesquicentennial Prize of the Municipal Library of Guayaquil.
  • “Tu próxima movida” (2023): Winner of the X National Literature Contest, Miguel Riofrío 2022, in the Short Novel genre.

Selected Works


  • Asedios profanos (1996)
  • Los elefantes no existen (2001)
  • Mínima Gloria (2012)
  • Diecisiete ballenas en una pecera (2014)
  • Teorema de Ovidio (2022)
  • Tu próxima movida (2023)

Short Stories

  • Del puerto secreto (1982)
  • Y sin embargo se mueve (1983)
  • Territorio de fantasmas (2006)

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