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ben aki, pseudonym of Rodrigo Jurado (Ambato, Ecuador, 1967) is an Ecuadorian poet, writer, and university professor. He has published 7 poetry collections, including: “Tesis” (2006), “Telares” (2014), “Cartas desde la cárcel” (2015), “Inicios absolutos” (2016), “Querido señor presidente” (2017), “La piel que habito” (2018), and “Poemas para la tarde y el después” (2019). In 2021, ben aki published a biographical novel about his maternal grandmother, María Agripina Cruz Torres, entitled, “María Agripina.” He currently resides in Ambato where he is Professor of Communication and Academic Writing at the Catholic University of Ecuador.


Rodrigo Jurado has a degree in Fine Arts of Latin America (UCLA) and has master’s studies in Spanish and Hispanic American Literature (UB), Latin American Studies (UASB) and Education (CSULA).


Rodrigo Jurado interview
Interview on April 27, 2018.


  • Tesis (2006)
  • Telares (2014)
  • Cartas desde la cárcel (2015)
  • Inicios absolutos (2016)
  • Querido señor presidente (2017)
  • La piel que habito (2018)
  • Poemas para la tarde y el después (2019)
  • María Agripina (2021)

Name variations

  • Rodrigo Geovanny Jurado Velasco
  • Rodrigo Jurado
  • ben aki

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