Bernardita Maldonado

Bernardita Maldonado

Bernardita Maldonado (Loja, 1969) is an Ecuadorian poet and writer. She has resided in Spain for over 25 years. She is the author of several poetry collections, including “Biografía de los pájaros” (2007) and “Con todos los soles lejanos” (2015). She has compiled the poetry of Héctor Manuel Carrión and written an introduction to it. Her native city of Loja honored her as “Woman of Letters 2015.” She is a member of the Ecuadorian House of Culture in Loja.


  • Mujer de las letras 2015 [Woman of Letters 2015], Loja, Ecuador.


  • Biografía de pájaros (2007)
  • Con todos los soles lejanos (2015)

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