Carlos Arcos Cabrera

Carlos Arcos Cabrera (Quito, 1951) is an Ecuadorian sociologist and writer. He began his writing career with the novel “Un asunto de familia” in 1997, followed by “Vientos de agosto” in 2003 and “El invitado” in 2007, both of which won the Joaquin Gallegos Lara Prize in their respective years of publication. He has also written books for young people, including “Memorias de Andrés Chiliquinga” in 2013, which features the character Andrés Chiliquinga from Jorge Icaza’s 1934 novel “Huasipungo.”

Carlos Arcos Cabrera discusses his book Memorias de Andrés Chiliquinga

The author Carlos Arcos Cabrera speaks about his book Memorias de Andrés Chiliquinga. The Ecuadorian Abdón Ubidia also speaks in this video about Arcos’ book.



  • Un asunto de familia (1997)
  • Vientos de agosto (2003)
  • El invitado (2007)
  • Saber lo que es olvido (2016)

Juvenile Literature

  • Memorias de Andrés Chiliquinga (2013)
  • Para guardarlo en secreto (2015)
  • El hombre-pez y las tablillas de la memoria (2016)

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