Abdón Ubidia

Abdón Ubidia

Abdón Ubidia is a novelist, short story writer and playwright. He was born in Quito in 1944. He is considered one of the most important voices of modern Ecuadorian literature. In 1986 he published Sueño de lobos, which was hailed by critics as the book of the decade. It was translated into English in 1996 as Wolves’ Dream. In 2012, President Rafael Correa awarded Ubidia with the Eugenio Espejo Prize in Literature, Ecuador’s top literary prize. Ubidia’s books have been translated into many languages.

Interview of Ecuadorian writers Pedro Saad Vargas and Abdón Ubidia

Uploaded on YouTube in 2017. Don’t know exact date of this video.

Video produced by the House of Ecuadorian Culture about Abdón Ubidia

Date unknown. Uploaded to YourTube in 2015.


  • 1986: Jose Mejia prize for best fiction for Sueño de lobos (Wolves’ Dream)
  • 1979: Jose Mejia prize for best fiction for Bajo el mismo extraño cielo
  • 2015: Joaquín Gallegos Lara prize for short fiction for Tiempo.



  • Ciudad de invierno (Quito, 1984). English translation, City in Winter, by Nathan D. Horowitz, 2018, Editorial El Conejo, Quito.
  • Sueño de lobos (Quito, 1986), Jose Mejia prize for best fiction. English translation, Wolves’ Dream by Mary E. Fieweger, 1997, Latin American Literary Review Press, Pittsburgh.
  • La madriguera (Quito, 2004).
  • Callada como la muerte (Quito, 2012).
  • La hoguera huyente (Quito, 2018)

Short stories

  • Bajo el mismo extraño cielo (Bogotá, 1979), Jose Mejia prize for best fiction.
  • Divertinventos (Quito, 1989). English translation, Funventions: A Book of Fantasies and Utopias, by Nathan D. Horowitz, 2020, Editorial El Conejo, Quito
  • El palacio de los espejos (Quito, 1996).
  • Tiempo (Quito, 2015), Joaquín Gallegos Lara prize for short fiction. English translation, Time: Philosophical and Scientific Fictions, by Nathan D. Horowitz, 2018, Editorial El Conejo, Quito.
  • Cuentos esenciales, (Quito, 2016) Cactus Pink.


  • Adiós siglo XX (Quito, 1992).
  • Essays: El cuento popular (Quito, 1977).
  • La poesía popular ecuatoriana (Quito, 1982).
  • Referentes (Quito, 2000).


  • Cuento ecuatoriano contemporáneo (Guayaquil, s.f).
  • Nuevos cuentistas del Ecuador (Guayaquil, 1975).
  • Así en la tierra como en los sueños (Quito, 1991).
  • Cuentos hispanoamericanos, Ecuador (1992).
  • Cuento contigo (Guayaquil, 1993).
  • Diez cuentistas ecuatorianos (Quito, 1993).
  • Doce cuentistas ecuatorianos (Quito, 1995).
  • Veintiún cuentistas ecuatorianos (Quito, 1996).
  • Antología básica del cuento ecuatoriano (Quito, 1998).
  • Cuento ecuatoriano de finales del siglo XX (Quito, 1999).
  • Cuento ecuatoriano contemporáneo (México, 2001).
  • El escote de lo oculto: Antología de lo prohibido (Quito, 2006)
  • No entren al 1408: Antología en español tributo a Stephen King (Quito, 2013)
  • TV guía de catástrofes: Cuentos para la cuarentena (2020)


  • Elogio del pensamiento doble (2019), a collection of aphorisms by Ubidia.

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