Carlos Gallegos

Carlos Gallegos

Carlos Gallegos is an Ecuadorian dramatist, stage director and actor from Cuenca who starred in the 2010 film Prometeo deportado (Deporting Prometeo). In 2015, his play Barrio Caleidoscopio (2010), translated into French as Quartier Kaléidoscope, was awarded at the Le Coup de Chapeau festival in Toulouse, France. As the winner of the prize, his play was included in the 2016 programming of the Le Grand Rond theater. Since 2013, Gallegos has resided in France.

Career Beginnings

Carlos Gallegos, an Ecuadorian dramatist, stage director, and actor, has emerged as a highly regarded figure in the theater industry. Born in Cuenca, Ecuador, Gallegos discovered his passion for the performing arts at a young age. He embarked on his journey in the world of theater, gradually honing his skills and making a name for himself in Ecuador’s vibrant theater scene.

Notable Film and Main Focus on Theater

While Gallegos has ventured into film, it is his contributions to the theater that have garnered him the most recognition. In 2010, he starred in the film “Prometeo deportado” (Deporting Prometeo), showcasing his talent on the silver screen. However, it is through his work in theater that Gallegos has truly left an indelible mark.

Acclaim for “Barrio Caleidoscopio”

One of Gallegos’ notable achievements is his play “Barrio Caleidoscopio” (2010). This captivating piece of theater received critical acclaim and accolades at the Le Coup de Chapeau festival in Toulouse, France, in 2015. The play’s success led to its translation into French as “Quartier Kaléidoscope” and its inclusion in the esteemed Le Grand Rond theater’s programming in 2016.

Residing in France and International Success

Since 2013, Gallegos has made France his home. The move to France not only provided him with new artistic opportunities but also allowed him to expand his international reach. His performances and monologues have resonated with audiences in various countries, including France and Germany. Gallegos’ talent and dedication have been recognized by prestigious institutions, such as the Ministry of Culture in Ecuador, further solidifying his position as a remarkable theater artist.

Minimalism and Physicality as Artistic Signatures

Gallegos is renowned for his minimalist approach to theater. Often relying on simple props and stripped-down settings, he skillfully utilizes his physicality and verbal expressions to convey deep emotions and engage audiences on a profound level. His performances transport viewers into the intricate worlds of his characters, showcasing vulnerability, authenticity, and human complexity.

Teatro de la Vuelta: Gallegos’ Artistic Vision

Gallegos is the founder of Teatro de la Vuelta, a theater company that has staged productions across numerous countries. Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of renowned French mime artist Jacques Lecoq, Gallegos incorporates elements of clowning and mime into his work, creating a unique blend of physical and vocal expression. His theatrical vision combines technical mastery with a profound understanding of the human condition, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact.

Continued Success and Artistic Exploration

In 2022, Gallegos brought his acclaimed play “Barrio Caleidoscopio” to La Sala, a new theater space in Madrid, Spain, catering to theater enthusiasts. The play’s enduring popularity is a testament to Gallegos’ ability to connect with audiences and explore profound themes, such as fear, love, and the human experience.

As an artist, Carlos Gallegos continues to push artistic boundaries and captivate audiences with his powerful performances and thought-provoking works. His contributions to the theater world, characterized by simplicity, humanism, and universal resonance, have established him as a prominent figure in contemporary theater.


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