José Viliulfo Cedeño Sánchez

José Viliulfo Cedeño Sánchez

Dr. José Viliulfo Cedeño Sánchez (Manta, January 21, 1928 – Manta, February 27, 1986) was an Ecuadorian writer, poet, historian, archaeologist, and university professor. He was a founder and secretary of the Manta Cultural Group, he wrote various textbooks on philosophy, Ecuadorian territorial rights, literature and ethics. His poems were published in, “Itinerario del hombre” and “Voces Manabitas.” In 1985, his most notable book was published, “La Confederación Manteña,” a historical study of Manta’s roots. Two schools in the Manabi province bear his name.


The love of his life was Doña Gloria Eliana Ruperti Ortega, from Monte Cristo, with whom he had eight children: José Viliulfo, Ma. de Lourdes, Ma. Eliana, Ma. Isabel, Laura Beatriz, José David, Alicia Lorena and José Andrés.

Bust of José Viliulfo Cedeño Sánchez

A bust of historian José Viliulfo Cedeño Sánchez stands in the background while Historian Joselías Sánchez Ramos stands at a podium. Unknown date.

Selected works

  • La Confederación Manteña (1985, history)
  • Itinerario del hombre (1973, poetry)
  • Voces Manabitas (poetry)

Name variations

  • Dr. José Viliulfo Cedeño Sánchez
  • Dr. J. Viliulfo Cedeño Sánchez (name used on the cover of his books).
  • Viliulfo Cedeño

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