Carlos Coello García

Carlos Coello García

Carlos Coello García (Manta, 1983) is an Ecuadorian lawyer, writer, and poet. He lives in the city of Santa Ana in the Manabi province. He has published three poetry collections: “La inspiración de un fantasma” (2002) “La creación perfecta” (2009) and “El origen del mal y otros poemas” (2017). His novel, “Leyendas de un fauno” (2018), is the first book in a fantasy trilogy. His latest book, “Oculto” (2022) is a horror novel. Some of his poems and stories have been published in newspapers in his province and digital blogs.



  • La inspiración de un fantasma (edición de autor, 2002)
  • La creación perfecta (Mar Abierto, 2009)
  • El origen del mal y otros poemas (Tinta Ácida, 2017)


  • Leyendas de un fauno (Tinta Ácida, 2018)
  • Oculto (CuerpodeVoces Ediciones, 2022)

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