Cristian Cevallos de la Torre

Cristian Cevallos de la Torre

Cristian Cevallos de la Torre is an Ecuadorian writer. In 2022, at twelve-years old, he published a 113-page story, “Peterson Chase y un caos gigante” [Peterson Chase and a Giant Chaos], which he began writing at the age of 7. The book, which is also available in English, is full of magic, fantasy and adventure. It was published by Lux et Gaudium, a publishing company created by his mother Ana de la Torre to release his book. Among those who accompanied him during the book’s launch presentation were former Ecuadorian Vice President and writer Rosalía Arteaga and the award-winning Argentine poet and writer Ernesto Kahan. Cevallos intends to write a sequel to his book.


Cristian Andrés Cevallos de la Torre was born to Adolfo Cevallos and Ana Cristina De la Torre.


Promotional video uploaded to YouTube, November 5, 2022.


Peterson Chase y un caos gigante, by Cristian Cevallos de la Torre, published by Lux et Gaudium, 2022.

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