Eduardo Villacís 

Eduardo Villacís Meythaler

Eduardo Villacís Meythaler (Quito, August 3, 1932 – Quito, May 19, 2013) was an Ecuadorian cardiologist and poet. From 1967 to 2011, he worked for the Andrade Marín Hospital in Quito, first as Head of the hemodynamics laboratory and later as head of cardiology. He was a member of the Ecuadorian Academy of Medicine, and had more than 30 scientific papers published. In 2008, Ecuador’s President awarded him the Eugenio Espejo Prize for his scientific work. As a poet, he published three collections, typically at a gap of decades. His selected poems were collected in the book, “Ajuar de cal,” which was illustrated by his son Eduardo Villacís Pástor and prefaced by the poet Jorge Enrique Adoum. He was a member of the “Grupo Umbral,” one of the most important literary groups in Ecuador, which was founded in 1952.


  • Premio Roussell de Investigación (1975).
  • Premio Nacional Eugenio Espejo en el campo científico (2008).


  • Latitud Unánime, 1953 with Alfonso Barrera Valverde
  • Dieta sin sol, 1981
  • Documental sobre un conspirador, 1994
  • Ajuar de cal, 2006

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