El chulla Romero y Flores Movie (1995 Film)

Ecuavisa, 1995

“El chulla Romero y Flores,” a 1958 novel by Jorge Icaza, was made into a TV movie for Ecuavisa in 1995. Carl West directed the film, which was shot in Ecuador. The story is set in 1950s Ecuador and follows the activities of the chulla Luis Alfonso Romero y Flores, including his job as a bureaucrat, bohemian nights spent with friends, and his romance with Rosario Santacruz.


  • Producer: Centaurio producciones
  • Publisher: Quito  Cinemateca Nacional 1995
  • Director: (Yugoslavia, 1943)
  • Actors:
  • Cost: Approximately 250 millon sucres (former Ecuadorian currency)
  • Filming location: Ecuador


  • El chulla Romero y Flores movie
  • El chulla Romero y Flores film
  • El chulla Romero y Flores pelicula

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