Elking Araujo

Elking Araujo

Elking Raymond Araujo is a writer from Ecuador. He was awarded the Aurelio Espinosa Pólit Prize for his book of short stories “Al pie de la letra” (2008). He also wrote the book “Sin pelos en la lengua (ni en otras partes)” (2017). He currently teaches at the School of Language and Literature at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. Elking does research in Discourse Analysis, Syntax and Pragmatics.

Video of Elking Araujo discussing the psychology of the character – Spanish Audio

Kafka Escuela de Escritores (circa 2016)


Book cover of Sin pelos en la lengua: (ni en otras partes) (2017)

Sin pelos en la lengua (ni en otras partes) (2017)

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