The Route of Writers and Artists, in the General Cemetery of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Cementerio General de Guayaquil in Guayaquil

In the route of writers and artists in the General Cemetery of Guayaquil (also known as the Patrimonial Cemetery of Guayaquil) you can visit the final resting place of such renowned writers as Numa Pompilio Llona, José Joaquín de Olmedo, Jose de la Cuadra, Enrique Gil Gilbert, and Joaquín Gallegos Lara. The tourist route includes a third of the 15 hectares of the cemetery that were declared Cultural Heritage in 2003. A diversity of styles are mixed throughout this cemetery. The architecture between classical and modern, which combines art and funerary aesthetics, draws the attention of locals and foreigners.

Tombs, mausoleums and monuments in the Route of Writers and Artists

List of persons interred in the Route of Writers and Artists

  1. Francisco Campos Coello, writer, politician, wrote the first science fiction novel in Ecuador.
  2. Mercedes Gonzáles de Moscoso, poet, playwright, feminist
  3. Ismael Pérez Pazmiño, founder of El Universo newspaper of Guayaquil, Ecuador, and former senator of El Oro province.
  4. Enrique Gil Gilbert, novelist, a high-ranking member of the Communist Party of Ecuador.
  5. Medardo Ángel Silva, poet, member of the “Decapitated Generation,” a group of young poets who died prematurely, mostly by suicide.
  6. Abel Romeo Castillo, historian and poet, some of whose poems were turned into popular pasillo songs.
  7. Jorge Pérez Concha, historian, biographer and Ecuador’s former ambassador to Cuba.
  8. José Antonio Campos, fiction writer and journalist who wrote articles under the pseudonym “Jack the Ripper.”
  9. José De La Cuadra y Vargas, novelist, member of the “Guayaquil Group,” a group of social realist writers from the 1930’s.
  10. Numa Pompilio Llona y Echeverri, most widely read Ecuadorian poet of his time.
  11. Juan Montalvo, essayist and famous polemicist. By decree of the Ecuadorian assembly of 1928, Montalvo’s remains were transferred in 1932 to his native city of Ambato. On the site of his original tomb a marble plaque by the Municipality of Guayaquil reads that his body lay there from July 2, 1889 until April 10, 1932 when his body was transferred to Ambato.
  12. Dolores Sucres y Lavayen, poet and descendant of Antonio José de Sucre.
  13. Ana Villamil Icaza, composer, artist and a teacher of piano and singing.
  14. Pedro Carbo Noboa, politician, diplomat and writer.
  15. José Joaquín de Olmedo Maruri, poet and former Ecuadorian president.
  16. Aurora Estrada y Ayala, poet, politician.
  17. Joaquín Gallegos Lara, novelist, short story writer, member of the “Guayaquil Group,” a group of social realist writers from the 1930’s.
  18. Julio Estrada Icaza, historian.
  19. Enrico Pacciani Fornari, Italian statue artist who lived and died in Ecuador. The design of the mausoleum where his remains are interred were designed by Pacciani himself.
  20. Adolfo H Simmonds, writer, journalist, was of German/Jewish origin.
  21. Julio Jaramillo Laurido, famous singer of pasillos and ballads.
  22. Rita Lecumberri Robles, writer, poet, educator.
  23. The body of graves of the Society of Writers, Authors, and Composers of Guayaquil

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