Enrique Avellán Ferrés

Enrique Avellán Ferrés

Enrique Avellán Ferrés (Guayaquil, December 11, 1904 – Quito, 1984) was an Ecuadorian novelist and playwright. He is the author of the novel “La enorme pasión,” the three-act play “Como los árboles,” (1927), and the musical fantasy “La rebelion del museo,” (1969). He studied at the University of Guayaquil where he earned a degree in social and political sciences.


  • Enrique Avellán Ferrés received multiple literary prizes.
  • In 1927 Avellán Ferrés, Hugo Mayo, and María Luisa Lecaro won the Savia Magazine Poetry Contest in Guayaquil.


  • La enorme pasión (Enormous Passion)
  • Como los árboles (1927; Like the Trees)
  • El mismo caso (1938; The Same Case), read it for free here.
  • Sin caminos (1939; Without direction)
  • Manos de criminal (1939; Criminal Hands), read it for free here.
  • Clarita la negra (1966; Black Clarita)
  • Tiempo y ausencia (1969; Time and Absence)
  • Correntada (1969; River Current)
  • La rebelion del museo (1969; Rebellion in the Museum)
  • Teatro para niños (1973; Children’s Theater)
  • Tablero: cuentos (1941)

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