Fernando Naranjo Espinoza

Fernando Naranjo Espinoza (Guayaquil, 1954) is an Ecuadorian writer, architect, watercolorist, and illustrator. He has made significant contributions to the realm of science fiction, a genre relatively unexplored in Ecuadorian literature. With his boundless imagination and captivating storytelling abilities, Naranjo Espinoza takes readers on extraordinary journeys through time, space, and alternate realities. In recognition of his talent, he received an Honorable Mention in the prestigious National Contest “José de la Cuadra” in 1979. Among his notable works is “La era del asombro” (1994), which garnered acclaim and recognition in the National Contest “Ismael Pérez Pazmiño.” Another noteworthy publication is “Cuídate de los coriolis de agosto” (2006). While primarily known for his science fiction stories, Naranjo Espinoza also ventured into the realm of the social novel with his book “Guasmo sur” (2013), which earned him the Second National Novel Prize in 2010. His most recent work, “Los custodios de la piedra” (2018), is a captivating collection of science fiction stories that delve into themes of time travel, memory, and the manipulation of reality. Since August 2017, Fernando Naranjo Espinoza has been serving as the Director of the Guayas Branch of the House of Ecuadorian Culture.

Fernando Naranjo Espinoza is also a renowned watercolorist whose art has been featured in several successful exhibitions.

Literary awards and recognitions

  • Honorable Mention, National Contest “José de la Cuadra” for the story collection “Dos Mujeres y Otros Relatos” (1979)
  • Third Mention, National Contest “El Universo” for the story collection “La era del asombro” (1991)
  • Second Mention, National Contest “El Universo” for the short story “El color de la pasión” (1996)
  • Second Place, National Novel Contest “Ángel Felicísimo Rojas” for the novel “Guasmo sur” (2010)
  • Third Prize, LAIA Contest (USA), for the science fiction short story “Mel” (2011)
  • Second Prize, National Contest “Ismael Pérez Pazmiño” for the story collection “La era del asombro” (1994)

Selected works


  • La Era del asombro (1994) – Collection of science fiction stories (Abrapalabra Editores)
  • Cuídate de las Coriolis de Agosto (2005) – Collection of science fiction stories (Ediciones Quimera)
  • Guasmo Sur (2013) – Novel (Editorial de la Casa de la Cultura)
  • Los custodios de la piedra (2018) – Collection of science fiction stories


  • Nuevos cuentistas del Ecuador (1975) – Compilation by CCENG
  • 40 autores (1996) – Compilation by Manglar Editores, edited by Carlos Calderón Chico
  • Antología Temática (1997) – Compilation by Sara Vanegas, Universidad del Azuay

Other Publications

  • Quil, la chica del futuro (1985) – Comic written and illustrated by Fernando Naranjo Espinoza, published in the newspaper El Meridiano
  • Articles in various publications, including Semana (Expreso), Matapalo (diario Hoy), and Suplemento (Meridiano)

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