Freddy Peñafiel Larrea

Freddy Peñafiel Larrea

Freddy Peñafiel Larrea (Quito, January 5, 1972) is an Ecuadorian poet, critic, radio host, educator, and public servant. He has published seven collections of poetry since 1992, which include compelling titles like “Del amar, de la mar” (1995), “Del asombro de las sombras” (1997), “Anzuelos” (2003), and “Presagios” (2009). His unique poetic voice earned him numerous accolades throughout his career. He received a special mention in the 1995 Hugo Mayo poetry contest, secured second place in the Jorge Carrera Andrade poetry biennial in 1996, and won first place in the “Escribir y Publicar” poetry contest in 1997. Not only do his verses grace the pages of his own collections, but they can also be found in numerous anthologies, marking him as a vital and vibrant voice in Ecuadorian poetry.

Early Life and Education

Freddy Peñafiel Larrea was born on a Wednesday, the 5th of January 1972, in Quito, Ecuador. He pursued his academic journey diligently, earning a degree in Social Communication from Universidad Central del Ecuador in 1994, followed by a Master’s degree in Education with a mention in Educomunication from Universidad Politécnica Salesiana in 2000. Furthermore, he broadened his knowledge in the usage of new technologies in education by obtaining another Master’s degree from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in 2009.

Career as an Educator and Public Servant

Dedicated to shaping minds and imparting knowledge, Peñafiel Larrea spent over 25 years teaching in various educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities. Additionally, he contributed to Ecuador’s educational policy as a public servant, serving in numerous roles in the Ministry of Education. His roles included Vice Minister of Education, Delegate of the Ministry of Education in the Higher Education Council, and even as the acting Minister of Education from November 2016. Despite the valuable experiences gained, he expressed a reluctance to return to public service, finding a higher purpose in the classrooms.

Contributions to Literature

Freddy Peñafiel Larrea’s passion for literature shines through his published works, having penned seven poetry books since 1992. Some notable titles include “Del amar, de la mar” (1995), “Del asombro de las sombras” (1997), “Anzuelos” (2003), and “Presagios” (2009). His creativity and literary prowess have been recognized, earning him awards such as first place in the “Escribir y Publicar” poetry contest in 1997, second place in the 1996 Jorge Carrera Andrade poetry biennial, and a special mention in the 1995 Hugo Mayo poetry contest. His works have also been included in numerous anthologies.

List of Awards

  • Special Mention in the “Hugo Mayo” Poetry Contest, Quito (1995)
  • Second Prize in the “Primera Bienal de Poesía” organized by the Casa de la Poesía Jorge Carrera Andrade, Quito (1996)
  • First Prize in the “Escribir y Publicar” Poetry Contest, Barcelona, Spain (1997)

Media Engagement and Beliefs

Peñafiel Larrea has a prominent presence in the media as a critic, editorialist, and radio show host. His radio program “Rompecabezas” airs every Thursday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Radio La Calle. He also maintains a personal blog at where he shares his thoughts and works. Peñafiel Larrea believes in the transformative power of poetry and tenderness, stating that “poetry performs miracles” and aiming to change the world through kindness and understanding.


Freddy Peñafiel Larrea, the poet and his voice. Uploaded to YouTube in 2010.
Interview with Ecuador’s Vice Minister of Education, Freddy Peñafiel Larrea. Uploaded to YoTube in 2016.


  • Del amar, de la mar (1995)
  • Del asombro de las sombras (1997)
  • Anzuelos (2003)
  • Presagios (2009)
  • De este lado del tiempo (2013)
  • Transitares (2013)
  • La poesía hace el milagro (2022)

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